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"I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and chronic cervical neck strain and felt divested ... Within three months of training with Lucy, my pain decreased, my strength and endurance increased .... Thanks Lucy!" ... Cathy D.

"Thanks for everything!  I feel better and stronger than ever after working out under your instruction"..... Kevin J.

"Lucy provides me with insurmountable support, guidance and advise regarding physical fitness.  She is a committed individual whose positive influence proved invaluable throughout my sessions.  She is an excellent mentor and role model who has gone far and beyond my expectations"..... Alka K.

"Dear Lucy: Thank you for “whipping” me into shape and putting me back on track. I could not have come this far without your help. I am determined to keep at it and will fondly remember our training together. Thanks again, Michele H.

Hi Lucy: Just wanted to give you an update, I couldn’t wait to let you know the good news.  I just got the lead role in Riverdance! It is my biggest dancing dream come true.  I have had this dream since I was 11 years old when I saw Riverdance for the first time. For 14 years I have dreamed of it, worked for it ….and I still can’t believe it has happened! I knew you would appreciate my good news, and once again, would like to thank you for your huge part in making my dreams come true. You helped me get here so much more than you can imagine and I can’t thank you enough for that. Lots of love, Deirdre H.

Over the years I have tried many diet plans and exercise programs.  I lost weight but eventually gained it back.  I became discouraged and gave up. 

My physical well being had to become a priority in my life.  I came across an advertisement for Dynamic Body Works.  I got up enough courage to call and spoke to Lucy.  That was the beginning of my success.

Lucy was very friendly and informative.  What sold me on Dynamic Body Works was the conversation with Lucy.  Basically, she told me that I could exercise several times a week, several hours at a time, but if I was not doing the right exercises and eating properly, I would not see effective results.  So, I began my journey with the help of Lucy! 

I started to work out twice a week and diligently followed my “nutritional program” directed by Dynamic Body Works.  I began to see results within a few weeks.  Lucy was knowledgeable, motivating, disciplined and focused.  She believed that I could achieve my goal even when I was doubtful.  With her help I now understand the importance of properly balanced diet and importance of combing cardiovascular and weight training programs. 

I am now in control of my weight and I feel more energetic, happier and healthier.Thank you Lucy for your inspiration, support and words of encouragement. ......Enza B. 




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