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At Dynamic Body Works you are assisted by your own personal trainer working with you at every session. Whether you choose to have a private one-on-one or semi-private session, our goal is to motivate and educate you so that you can attain realistic and satisfying fitness goals.  Together you will learn how to reduce risk factors and meet life's milestones with optimism and vitality.

Programs available:

    Weight Loss Programs with Nutritional Counseling

Do you have a healthy diet? This may be an area of weakness for you. We will review your diet and after careful assessment, we will give sound nutritional advice on how you can significantly improve your diet.  Nutrition and exercise goes hand in hand with a healthy weight loss program so that you’ll be on your way to the new healthy you.

     Rehabilitation Programs

Are you suffering from an injury from a motor vehicle accident or sport related injury? You may be looking for an active rehabilitation program. Physiotherapists are great for the acute phases of an injury, but a well qualified personal trainer can help you with the active rehab phase to get you back to your pre-accident state.   We have worked with many clients, with successful results. 

  At Dynamic Body Works, we build relationships with other health care professionals and recommend that you be assessed by a chiropractor, physiotherapist or massage therapist before you start your active rehabilitation program. With the use of all forms of equipment, postural and floor exercises, you will improve your posture, internal stabilizers, and core muscles and relieve your back and neck pain.

Sport Specific Training for Athletes of all ages.

Being in good shape makes an athlete a better player, helps reduce athletic injuries, improves athletes mind and helps the athlete live longer.  Being physically fit means having a strong heart, powerful muscles and good flexibility.  In order to be successful in any sport, besides having exceptional skills, participation in a conditioning program will enhance their strength, endurance, power, speed and agility.

Dancers are athletes too! 

At Dynamic Body Works Personal Training Studio, we train many dancers for all forms of dance.  “Your teacher can teach you to dance, while your trainer can make you better by enhancing your performance.”



Get started today, on a healthier you!



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